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By combining photovoltaic (PV) electric and hot water generation in a single array, Cogenra Solar® delivers clean, renewable energy more efficiently and at a lower cost than utility rates.

Whereas traditional solar panels allow most of the sun’s energy to dissipate as wasted heat, Cogenra’s technology efficiently collects and delivers this energy in the form of hot water. Cogenra delivers 5 times the energy output, 3 times the greenhouse gas reduction and twice the savings of standard photovoltaic panels.

Cogenra makes solar cogeneration simple and affordable by offering the industry’s first Heat & Power Purchase Agreement (HPPA). By removing barriers to entry, Cogenra helps companies start saving money and energy immediately, and allows them to benefit from predictable long-term energy costs without upfront expense.

Contact Mechanical Room Inc. to set up product training or for additional information regarding this exciting product.